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As a consultant, technical lead, and Agile coach, I work with teams and organizations to realize their potential through my fifteen years of experience in technical Agile practices and management by getting people focused on fixing what’s holding them back. I also help them through training, facilitating collaborative planning meetings, and delivering code and mentorship via pair programming.

I regularly travel and consult with clients in China, India, and the United States, and I speak poor but workable Mandarin. If you want advice or talk over your situation, contact me and I’d be happy to discuss what’s on your mind.

Otherwise, enjoy the site: Learn, read, have fun!

Lance Kind  康美国
CSM, Agile Coach, Agile Developer
N. America Phone: +01 208 964 0837
China: +86 1866926591
Twitter: @LancerKind

Learn more about Agile and technical practices such as TDD, BDD, testing in the DB, automated deployments,…

I will keep your contact info on my private list which I will use to ask about what is holding back you or your team, and solutions you will be interested in such as free articles and YouTube videos. I will also tell you about books, courses, and consulting that you or you company will be interested in.

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